Team, thanks for an amazing trip to Durango. I hope you all had as much fun up there as I did. Every single one of you learned a ton, pushed yourselves hard, and improved both technical skills and fitness. This is the cornerstone of our fitness going into the NICA season. For those of you who didn’t make it to Durango this year, don’t worry. It’s ok. There’s still a month until the first race.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are OFF. The reasons for this are 1) you need some rest after Durango and 2) it’s the first week of school for many of you and you need to focus on getting back into that rhythm.

My recommendation is you stay on top of it right from the get go. Practice starts next week, races will start in just a few weeks, then the train leaves the station for a high speed shot straight through the semester. If you don’t buckle up now by being productive and proactive, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

This weekend:

Saturday: Off for non shootouters. As with other times over the summer, if you normally do the shootout (old man or big boy), please do it. If you usually ride the B/C team rides, you have off.

Sunday: MTB Endurance Ride. Meet 6, leave 6:30, back and ready for pick up by 9:30. It is HOT! Don’t go all racerlyfe on me! Bring lots of water! #camelbacksr4winnerz

Volunteer Coaches: I WILL NEED HELP ON SUNDAY! Ben can’t make it, so I’m solo. I’d love to have 4-5 volunteers, with 2-3 prepared to lead their own group.

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    • Max Cronyn

      Hey, sorry for the late reply here. Yes there is practice tomorrow.