NICA Packing list

Riding Gear: 

2 bibs or shorts

2 Jerseys (one HAS to be the team specific NICA jersey)

1 pair of gloves 

1 pair of arm warmers 

1 vest 

1 pair of sunglasses 

2 water bottles 

2 spare tubes 

1 multitool 

1 inflation device 


Riding shoes

Normal Clothes

3 socks

1 team t-shirt

1-2 other shirts

1-2 pants/shorts/leg coverers

1 warm jacket

1 rain jacket






Any other applicable items


Camping Gear

1 sleeping bag

1 sleeping pad

1 pillow


Phones taken at coach’s discretion

Temperatures for FLagstaff: Lows in the low 50’s, Highs in the 80’s. We’re at a high elevation, so it’s easy to get sunburn and become dehydrated. Please come prepared. Always bring rain gear in case it rains.

3 Responses to “NICA Packing List.”

  1. daniel

    just for the new kids, do the bib need to be blank exept for the company that made it