This week is a classic pre NICA week. Last week was… hard. It was meant to be. If you felt tired by Sunday, that’s good! You did it right. This week, the work soaks in. NICA is a long, long season, and you’ve got to be on form for 2.5 months. What that means is that even though you all crushed it at the last race, we had to keep pushing hard so that come race 4, you have the gas to go again. The work is not over, but courage, mes amies, you’ll make it.

Practice Schedule:

Tuesday: MTB, Recovery ride, 4:30PM

Wednesday: Road Bikes, Endurance ride, 3:45 and 4:30PM

Thursday: MTB, Holeshots, 4:30PM

NICA Weekend: Read closely, times have changed 🙂

Friday: MS Racers will meet at the clubhouse at 4PM, leave at 4:30PM. Pack a snack. Dinner should be around 6:30. ETA for getting back to Tucson is Saturday ~7:30

Saturday: HS Racers will meet at the clubhouse at 10AM, leave at 10:30AM. Pack a lunch. ETA for return is Sunday ~6PM.


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