Alrighty folks, we’re hurtling right along towards NICA #2 this weekend up in Prescott. Ben and I were super impressed with all of you at the Flagstaff race. Everybody was really cool and helpful around camp, there was no fuss around bedtime/racing/camping/eating/etc. It was great. Let’s keep it that way in Prescott so that you all can focus on having a great race and a fun weekend, and so that Ben and I can come home feeling relaxed and proud to be your coaches.

Prescott is at elevation. It can be hot and it is very exposed. Focus on staying hydrated this week, it will have a positive effect on your race. Get your zzz’s too.

Spend some time this week considering what a good race is to you. Results with podium recognition are fun, but thats only one aspect of the sport. Consider your race last weekend and pinpoint one specific performance related thing that you know you can do better this weekend. It can be absolutely anything, from eating more salad greens to controlling your emotions on the start line to decidedly not making a tactical error you made last weekend. It could be deciding to attack sooner, or warm up longer, or resolving to finish even more gassed than last week. Try to change it this weekend. Doing just one thing better is a success.

Back to podium recognition: In case not everyone is aware… I’ve made a deal with Eve that if el Grupo teams sweep the overall podium, she can die my hair blue. We were 1-2-4 last week, just a handful of points away from 1-2-3. I believe it’s 100% attainable. So. Cheers and good luck, I hope to be sporting a new look in December 🙂

Practice this week:

Tuesday: 4:30 PM, MTB, skills

Wednesday: 3:45 and 4:30PM, Road Bikes, endurance ride

Thursday: 4:30PM, MTB, Holeshots/Openers

Friday: Middle Schoolers meet at 4PM, leave for Prescott at 4:30PM. Bring a BIG snack!

Saturday: High Schoolers meet at 7:30AM, leave for Prescott at 8AM. Pack a lunch!!

Scroll back a post or two for the packing list. It’s there if you need it.

Return times for the races will likely be very similar to last week.

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  1. Nathaniel

    I will not be able to make it to practice tomorrow because I am involved with another commitment.