Hey All, bit of a late post here. Just got cell service again so I’m throwing this up from my phone on the drive home.

This is our tune up week for the first NICA race. Y’all have loads of fitness, and this week we’re going to get you dialed in to feel great on race day.

Big things to note:

1- Get your homework done!! It’s tough doing school stuff at a campground surrounded by all your friends.

2- TELL ME IF YOUR BIKE HAS PROBLEMS! BEFORE THURSDAY! Ben and I don’t want to be stressing over your bike at 1am Friday night, or worse 1 hour before you race!

3- Treat yourself like an athlete! Hydrate hydrate hydrate. Sleep sleep sleep. Do the little things right because they add up into big, big things.


Tuesday- 4:30 MTB. Shirts should be in, so bring $$ if you want one. $10/each. I have my order list, so if you already paid don’t worry I know.

Wednesday- 3:45 and 4:30. Road.

Thursday- 4:30 MTB

I will post a packing list and departure details for the weekend on Wednesday. Check back for that info.

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