Hey! Smashing job this weekend at NICA to all those who raced. Lets keep the fitness and riding we’ve been doing going!

This week is a work week. We’re gonna be focused on MTBing. Here’s the schedule:

Tuesday 09/24 – MTB ride – If it rains, we’ll do a workout and work on our bikes

4:30pm start

Wednesday 09/25 – Road Ride – Intervals

3:45pm start & 4:30pm start

Thursday 09/26 – MTB ride – Short track races – 36th street

4:30pm start

Saturday 09/28 – Shootouts/B ride

Old man – Meet at 5:45 – leave at 6:15am – Izzie, Nathaniel, Caleb, Elliot, & Axel

Big boy – Leave at 6:30am – Bevier bros, Ethan, Myles, Izaac, Jesus, Oliver, & Ben

B-ride – Meet at 6:30am – leave at 7:00am – Everyone else

Unless you have cleared it with me, plan on doing the b-ride

Sunday – Meet 6:30am – Leave 7:00am – 4 hour MTB ride – Back by 11:00am



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