1st of all…. SHIRTS ARE IN! They are sick. You may not have a shirt until you have paid for one. They are $10 each. I’ll have a bunch with me at practice today. You can bring cash, Venmo, whatever.

2ndly. This weekend.

NICA Packing List (Everyone) we have these at the clubhouse. Please ask for one. 

Middle School Racers: 

Friday Afternoon: Meet at the clubhouse as close to 4PM as you can make it there. Leave the clubhouse at 4:30PM. BRING A (LARGE) SNACK! Only bring healthy foods/snacks. NO candy. We will arrive at Ft Tuthill around 8:30PM. When we get there, we will eat a pesto pasta dinner and go to sleep.

Saturday: Pre ride courses, boys race at 3PM, ladies at 4PM, awards are at 5:15PM. We will leave immediately after awards, and will hope to be at the clubhouse by 10PM. Riders will have phones to give parents an ETA.

High School Racers: 

Saturday: Meet at clubhouse at 7:30AM. Leave at 8AM. PACK A LUNCH! YOU DO NOT GET GRUPO LUNCH! Arrive at Ft. Tuthill ~12:30-1PM. Pre ride course at 1:30PM.

Sunday: Races all morning, Awards are at 3PM. Hopefully leave by 4:30PM, arrive back in Tucson by 8:30PM.

Non Racers: 

There is no practice for you on Saturday, but there will be practice on Sunday morning. 6:30AM, back by 8:30AM. Mountain Bikes. All in town are welcome, even if you raced on Saturday. This will be a fun and inclusive ride.


2 Responses to “Weekend and Shirts”

  1. Elliot Semonsky

    I am in flagstaff on Sunday and I can not make it to the ride.
    See you on Tuesday