Hey all,

Mad thanks to everyone for the help this week at the clubhouse cleanup! We got a whole lot done and the place looks pretty rad. Also thanks to the parents and riders who went to the 20Twenty ride on Saturday. They were extremely excited and had only great things to say about you all. I’m very excited to continue our collaboration with them!


Tuesday: 4:30pm – MTB Skills ride – Two weeks ago we had a big group and things got crazy. Here’s what I want to ask. I love doing skills rides, you all love doing skills rides, but our number one goal during every practice is to not get hit by a car or become injured in another way. Please. Ride aware, don’t act stupid in traffic, and remember that you all are what the public sees as el Grupo, so it’s your responsibility to act and ride respectfully. I NEED you all to act respectfully so that I don’t have to be the the one who stops us from doing skills rides. Thanks you.

Wednesday: 3:45pm and 4:30pm – Endurance ride on road bikes.

Thursday: 4:30pm – Holeshot practice. MTB.

HSMTB Schedule for the weekend:

Middle schoolers: Meet at 4:00pm, leave at 4:30pm on Friday – You will return on Saturday at 8:00pm-8:30pm – JUST A HEADS UP, MS RACES START A 1/2 HOUR EARLIER THIS WEEKEND.

High Schoolers: Meet at 9:30am, leave at 10:00am – You will return on Saturday at 6:30pm-7:00pm.

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