Hey all. Steve Bohn, a longtime supporter and volunteer for El Grupo is looking for help running the Tucson Bicycle Classic (which he founded). Please respond if you have any interest!

Dear El Grupo parents, supporters, families and friends:

I am reaching out concerning the 34th annual 2020 Tucson Bicycle Classic Stage, March 13-15

The race is looking for 2 new staff volunteer members (Race Director, Assistant Race Director) and a local, emerging club to help take over for the Rhino squad, who helped us for 12 years!
The staff position transitions this year will be assisted by the previous staff members (mostly of them helping for 10 years) Caroline Leonard and Dave Burnett, both El Grupo supporters. They have great lists, timelines, contacts, etc to help make the handover smooth for 2020

The time involved is occasional thru the early part of the year with meetings, contacts, permits, etc. and gets more involved closer and during the race dates, obviously.

This will be critical moving forward for the future of the TBC, if it is to continue beyond 2020. it is critical we fill these spots ASAP

Please email or call me if you or your club are interested and I would be happy  to share information, tasks, etc. The TBC planning meetings will start soon so time is of the essence.

Thank you

Steve Bohn, TBC Founder/promoter

(520) 884-5564

(520) 403-3106 Cell