Team, good race this weekend. We’ve got one to go. We are currently sitting 1-2-3 in the team rankings for the season. It is VERY close. Several teams are nipping at our heels. I really want to die my hair blue in two weeks, so let’s stay focused and keep pushing these final two weeks. White Tanks is a hard race, and we need to stay checked in while we close out the season. It’s not over yet. Every single person, every single result makes a difference. You all bring something special to the table and I want you all to bring it full force these coming weeks.

Tuesday: MTB. 4:30. Solid endurance.

Wednesday: 3:45 and 4:30. Road bikes. Endurance.

Thursday: MTB. 4:30. Short Tracks. This is a workout to show up ready to absolutely throw down. Hard day.

Saturday: OFF. Take the day to get your homeworks, etc. done. This is NOT an opportunity for an exciting Friday night. This is the chance for you to get some much needed rest, sleep in once this week, and get recovered/prepped for our final race of the season.

Sunday: FALL FONDO. PRIORITY NUMBER ONE. Road bikes. Meet at the clubhouse at 6:30AM. Wear a Grupo kit if you have one. Bring a change of clothes (Grupo T shirt) for after the ride. We’ll be all done, ready for pick up by 2:30PM.

3 Responses to “Week of Oct 21”

  1. Kelly

    Coaches, Brennan is sick. He will miss the Fondo. See you later this week.