Hey everybody! Great job at the Fondo today. We pulled off a great event, and I heard nothing but good things about all of you. Thank you.

This week is our final week of the fall season. This is it. Starting next week we will have a break from practices for a couple of weeks. More info to come. This week let’s stay focused and finish the season strong.

Tuesday- 4:30, Skills day, MTB

Wednesday- 3:45 and 4:30. Recovery/Low endurance road ride.

Thursday- 4:30. BEN’S FREAKIN B-DAY, and also halloween, we will have a short practice. I want you all to get opened up and get your holeshots in, but it’ll be a short practice and we’ll be back by 5:30.

This Weekend: we have campsites for everybody. Phew. So, pretty normal schedules for racing. The drive to White Tanks takes a little less than 2.5 hours.

Middle Schoolers: Leave the clubhouse at 4:30PM on Friday. Estimated return ~8PM Saturday.

High Schoolers: Meet at the clubhouse at 9AM. Leave at 9:30AM. Estimated return ~6:30PM Sunday.

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