Hey Team, another great race in the books out at Ft. Huachuca this weekend! I want to give a big shoutout to our Frosh Boys who absolutely crushed it- some of the best racing I’ve seen out of em yet.

This week we’re gonna keep the good times rolling with some harder efforts during the week as well as some fun flow on the MTB to prep for the McDowell race.

Tuesday: 4:30PM MTB Endurance Ride

Wednesday: 3:45 and 4:30. Road bikes. Come ready to work. If you don’t have school this week, come to the 3:45 practice.

Thursday: 4:30PM MTB. Short track races.

Saturday: Shootout/B/C Team rides. DO NOT do the old man unless Ben/myself explicitly tell you to!! The clubhouse will open at 5:45AM. Old Man at 6:15, Big Boy at 6:30, B/C team ride at 7AM.

NON-MALES ON THE TEAM – There is an alternative ride/event for you on Saturday. PLEASE attend. We will meet at the clubhouse at 7:00am, leave by 7:30am. Non-difficult road bike ride (we will drive to the event). It’s an all day event (return by 3:00pm) so bring some normal clothes too. Super cool little camp provided by the director of the women’s professional team 20Twenty! Apologies for the short notice (she only just reached out to us). I will write another blog post with more details. 

Sunday: Endurance MTB ride. Meet at 6:30AM, leave at 7AM. Back by 9:00AM for the clubhouse cleanup.