Hey Everybody! Hope you all enjoyed your little break. Ben and I had a doozey of a trip out to New Mexico. Imagine if somebody took all the trails on A Mountain and turned them into literally the rockiest roads you’ve ever ridden on. Then you rode a 60# bike across those bowling ball bouncers for several days. Type 2 fun.

We’re ready to get back to it and hope you guys are too. Huge shoutout to Eve, Kaileen, Izzie and Jorah who got started a little early by riding all the way to Summerhaven last weekend!! So rad.

This is the time of year where we can slow down a little, and do all those little things right. We’re going to be focusing on some cross training and stretching/rolling out after practice, building strong cores and functional strength off the bike. On the bike, we’ll be focusing on riding that low intensity base season pace. To be clear, these practices are not meant to be easy. They are lower intensity, but still focused efforts to target specific neuromuscular adaptations.

The best part about this time of the year is that anything is possible for you next spring. We’re 2-3 months out from our next races, depending on what races interest you, so everybody has the time to focus and find the form that they want this season. Be careful, though, time slips by quickly! It’s all too easy to find yourself facing down San Dimas or Temecula with form that is not what you’d dreamt it would be. Trust me, I’ve been there.

So. Take these practices one day at a time. Focus on doing the little things right. Focus on creating new and healthier training habits. Think about nutrition! You KNOW what good food is. Eat it, and steer clear of the candy. Focus on your form, your pedal stroke, your position on the bike. Ask questions!! With focus, the form and strength will come.

LIGHTS!!! – It is lights season. If you have lights. Bring them. If you do not. Ask Ben and me for a set. This week is the grace period week to get your lights in order. Starting next week (Quinn and Izaac- I’m lookin at you), if you do not have lights you will be riding rollers in the clubhouse. No joke.

Road bikes ALLL week. Also, we will be getting back on the early side. PRACTICE IS NOT OVER WHEN WE GET BACK. IT’S OVER AT 6:30, WHEN WE’RE DONE WITH CROSS TRAINING.

Wednesday: Road bikes. Riding at 3:45 and 4:30, back around 6PM. Cross training until 6:30. Practice ends at 6:30.

Thursday: Road bikes. Riding at 4:30PM. Back around 6PM. Cross training until 6:30PM.

Saturday: El Tour day. Meet at 7AM, leave the clubhouse at 7:30AM. Road skills/crit skills. Cornering. Pack riding. Foundations.

Sunday: Late start. Meet at the clubhouse at 8:30, leave at 9AM. 2 hour ride, back around 11:30AM. This is a special event, riding with Joel Thompson and a crew of el Grupo supporters.

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  1. Caleb Huggins

    I am still sick so I won’t make it to practice today. I will be back this weekend.