End of NICA

We made it. 10 weeks. It’s a long season, and I know how challenging it’s been for everybody. No sweep = no blue hair for me, but I’m still very proud of how everybody raced, and the progression I saw in so many of you over the course of the season.

I could tell stories about every kid on the team and a way that they grew or something they learned either this race or this season, but I’m not going to do that here. By and large, I’m happy to see the ways you all are learning to approach competition and continuing to push yourselves/each other harder and harder. You’re all continuously learning your limits, learning how to race, and learning how you compete. It’s a process and team wide we made big steps this season.

Tucson High: I know we didn’t land that 3rd podium spot. Things happen. I want you all to know that it wasn’t a single person’s “fault”. We raced hard, we threw down, and we didn’t get it. Thats ok. That’s racing, and there’s no single one of you who “messed up”. Kudos to the teams who beat us- they earned it.

and Beyond: 

There is no practice from now until Wednesday, Nov 20th.  Two weeks off. It’s time for a break. For you guys, and for us. Ben and I are going on a trip to New Mexico. We’re leaving on Tuesday. We probably won’t have service. This is an opportunity for you guys to get caught up on school, and let your bodies recover from the season. When we get back, we’re going to go into road base season. We’ll also be having individual meetings in late Nov/early Dec with all riders and their parents about spring racing options. Look out for a sign up for that.

Important Things: 

Manzo: Manzo is still going on the next two weeks. Reminder emails will go out to those of you on the schedule. If you’re on the schedule, you’re expected to be there. Colter knows what days you’ll be there. If you are not there, Ben and I will find out, and there’ll be consequences 🙁

Kit Order due Nov 12. I would order sooner!! Try on kits are here! Voler says that there are new fabrics, thus the kits fit differently. If you want to try on kits, come to the clubhouse in the afternoon Monday-Thursday at 4. Grupito is going on, and you can try kits on then. Be aware of the difference between “race” and “club” fit. If I were you I would order race fit. Tighter, sleeker, more aero, etc. Every team member has a credit on the Voler store which should be enough to purchase bibs and a jersey. If you haven’t received an email with credit to order, please contact me or Ben. If you want more stuff, you’ll have to pay out of pocket for it. I think the kit is pretty dang sharp this year…. so I’ll be buying some extra stuff ;). If you don’t have an el Grupo vest, I’d encourage you to get one. Great piece of gear to have for the winter.


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  1. Joel

    Max and Ben: Congratulations on your part of this long NICA season, and enjoy your well-earned break!