Hey all,

As Max and I leave for ~2 weeks post-NICA season, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all. I don’t tell you all enough, but I am extremely proud of you: proud to be your coach, proud to watch you succeed and grow in you MTB skills and speed, proud to watch you excel off of the bike in school and extracurriculars, proud to watch you succeed socially and become more comfortable around your peers and community, etc…

So thank you. It’s been a rad 6 months, and I look forward to the many that follow.

While Max and I are gone, I hope that you all remain vigilant in the following areas:

Manzo Bike Club –

The calendar is posted in the clubhouse and I sent it out to your parents several times. Make sure you attend if you are scheduled.

Voler –
I sent out the Voler invite to you all about a week ago. It should be an email from VOLER.
The Voler email that you receive will have a link in it to access an online store (El Grupo 2020 team store). Once you have access to the store, you can purchase a variety of clothing. Each rider is issued $150 in credit for the store in order to subsidize a pair of shorts/bibs and a jersey. Beyond that, if you so please, you’re encouraged to get a wind vest. If you haven’t received an email from Voler, CONTACT MYSELF AND KATE. Because the order closes on November 12th, it’s crucial that you ensure you’re able to access the web-store ASAP.

Lastly, Max and I will have very spotty reception in the next couple weeks. Please contact Kate if you come upon something urgent.

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