Sunday: I was reminded this is the day of the volunteer appreciation event. All riders are expected to be here. The event goes from 10:30 to 12:30. Reflecting that, practice will be back around 10AM. Same start times as the previous post. Bring a change of clothes or something for after to feel comfortable. Also, I need all riders to sign cards for volunteer coaches. You can sign em before or after practice this week.

Race Calendar 2020:

Take a gander. This is what we’ve got so far. We’ll talk about it on an individual basis during our parent/rider/coach meetings.

Date Road Mountain
Jan 11 MBAA McDowell (Phoenix)
Jan 19 Avondale Crit #1 
Jan 25 Race Against Time TT MBAA Estrella (Phoenix) 
Jan 26 Avondale Crit #2 
Feb 1 & 2 UofA Crit, Oracle Road Race (Tucson) 
Feb 8 San Tan Crit
Feb 9 Sun Devil Crit
Feb 14, 15, 16 Valley of the Sun (Phoenix)* 24 Hours in the old Pueblo (Tucson) 
Feb 22 A Mountain Hill Climb 
Feb 29 Musselman Crit- State Crit Tucson
March 8 Hungry Dog Crit
March 13, 14, 15 Cactus Cup (Phoenix) 
March 14 Tolero Crit (Tucson) UCI Bonelli (San Dimas, CA)* Date ?? 
March 21, 22 MBAA White Tank (03/21, Phoenix) 

UCI Temecula (03/22?, Temecula, CA)* Date ??

April 11 MBAA Prescott
April 24, 25, 26 Whiskey (Prescott)
April 29 – May 3 Tour of the Gila (Silver City, NM)*
May 16 AZ State MTB Champs, Emmanuel Pines AZ
July 7-12 MTB Nationals (Winter Park, CO)
July 13-19 Tour de l’Abitibi Nations Cup- Quebec, Canada
July 27-Aug 1 TENTATIVE Durango MTB Camp for all riders

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