Folks, here we go. Winter training camp. 2 weeks of brutality that will lay the foundation for the spring season.

The best thing any of you can do for yourselves is STAY HEALTHY. Eat real food to replenish your bodies after the rides. Stay hydrated. Most importantly, get sleep. The harder you train, the harder you need to recover.

Tuesday and Wednesday next week are OFF. Come out and hit these first few rides HARD and earn yourself some rest those two days.

Many of these rides have multiple options. Read closely.

Friday Dec 20: All meet at the clubhouse at 8AM, leaving at 8:30AM for a mountain bike ride. Back by Noon.

Saturday Dec 21: Road bikes, Shootouts

  1. Old Man Shootout, plus Madera Canyon. ~90 miles: Meet 6:45AM, leave 7:15AM. Back around 12. Izzie, Kaileen, Nathaniel, Caleb, Ben, Oliver, Axel, Elliot
  2. Big Boy Shootout, plus Box Canyon. ~110 miles: Meet 7AM, leave 7:30AM. Back around 1. Max, Sam, Izaac, Myles, Quinn, Ethan
  3. B Team- Shootout route, plus A Mountain. ~65 miles. Meet 7:30AM, leave 8AM. Back around 12. All others.

Coaches for Saturday: Max, Ben, Natalie, Dennis, Valentin, Morgan (?). We need one more coach to ride the Madera route.

Sunday Dec 22: MTB/Gravel Bikes, Ruby Road 🙂

  1. Meet at the clubhouse at 6:30AM to load vans. Leave at 7AM Sharp. The drive down to Ruby Road (starts at Pena Blanca lake) is about 1.25 hours. We do a 60mile out and back from the lake to Arivaca and back. If you don’t make it to Arivaca, just turn around after ~2 hours of riding. Hopefully we’ll be back by 2PM, because I’ve got a star wars movie to see. BRING LOTS OF WATER (like, wear a camelback), pack a lunch, and maybe a change of clothes too.

Coaches for Sunday: Max, Ben, Jeff, Joel, Nick King. Solid.

Monday Dec 23: Road Bikes, Arivaca

  1. Meet at 7AM, leave at 7:30 on bikes, ride to Amado, AZ, and then head to Arivaca. Once we fuel up in Arivaca, we’ll ride back to Amado where we’ll all hop in vans and drive home. 90 mile ride. Back by 2PM. Riders: Those who do any shootouts.
  2. Meet at 8AM, leave at 8:15AM in Vans. Drive to Amado, ride to Arivaca and back. ~50 miles. Back by 2PM. All other riders.

Coaches for Monday: Max, Ben, David Cross (90 miles), Nick King (Drive). We need 1-2 more drivers. 

Tuesday Dec 24 – OFF

Wednesday Dec 25 – OFF

Watch for the next post for the next chunk of rides. 

3 Responses to “Opening Weekend”

  1. Joel Biederman

    As arranged with Ben, I will coach Saturday (Old Man + Madera) and NOT Sunday.

  2. Reece Culliney

    Sorry I haven’t been to any of the rides, I’ve been busy all last week and have had a cold since Friday.