Hey All, little late post here.

More endurance riding, and more cross training this week. We are also going to reincorporate the MTB this week, however riders focusing on Valley of the Sun (Jesus, Myles, Izaac, Max, Sam, Ethan, Quinn) will stick with mostly road.

Tuesday: 4:30PM, road bikes, endurance, with cross training after practice

Wednesday: 3:45 and 4:30PM, road bikes, endurance, cross training after practice

Thursday: 4:30PM, MTB

Saturday: back to the shootouts! Lots of rides.

  1. Meet 6:45, leave 7:15AM: Old Man Shootout, no extra- Colombi, Oliver, Caleb, Nathaniel, Izzie, Kaileen, Axel, Elliot. Back by 11AM
  2. Meet 7:00, leave 7:30AM: Big Boy Shootout, plus extra- Izaac, Myles, Quinn, Ethan, Max, Sam. Back by 12 Noon
  3. Meet 7:30, leave 8AM: B/C team rides- everybody not named above. Back by 11AM

Sunday: More options. MTB rides back by 11AM, Road ride back by Noon

  1. Meet 7AM, leave 7:30AM, back by Noon, Road bikes: Myles, Izaac, Quinn, Ethan, Nathaniel, Colombi, Oliver, Caleb, Max, Sam
  2. Meet 7AM, leave 7:30AM, back by 11, MTB: Riders not named above or below.
  3. NON MALE RIDERS: Meet ~8:45, back by 11AM. Ride with El Grupo Alumns Cara, Chloe, and several other non-males from around Tucson

4 Responses to “Week of December 10”

  1. Jorah

    I won’t be at practice today bc my knee is still feeling weird bf I’m volunteering at tvf. Also for the girls thing is it mtb? Bc I really want to mountain bike this weekend. If not that’s okay.

  2. kelly

    coaches et al, if any one mistakenly took home my Tasco Mtb Hat, i’d sure appreciate you returning it. it was in Brennan’s cubby at start of practice yesterday. thanks.

  3. Steve Bohn

    I will not be able to make practice this Thursday or next; plan on helping out next Tuesday though.