Hey all,

It was a smashingly successful winter break. Thanks for all the attendance from riders and help from parents and volunteers coaches. It warms my heart seeing the commitment each and every one of you put into this team. Special shoutout to Izzie, Kaileen and Izaac for their attendance, y’all put the work in and it will show. If you’re one of the people on the team that have big race-oriented goals this season, show up if you want to see results. Don’t show up for me, don;t shw up for Max, don’t show up for ANYONE but yourself. I don’t like excuses or complaints about results or performance, and the ONLY way to change this is by riding. So come to practice. Dig deep. Chase your friends down. Ride hard to ride hard. Ride so you don’t have to think about your anxiety or stress. Etc.

This week:

Monday-Friday: No practice.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: Mechanics classes. 10 per class. 3:30pm-7:30pm. Don’t just show up, sign up on the signupgenius below. First 10 on each day get a spot. There will be more if you cannot make this.


I will update the blog and emails for this weekend, tomorrow. There is a race. Keep your eyes open.

One Response to “January Updates”

  1. Elliot Semonsky

    Can people who did the first mechanics class do the classes this week?