Hey all,

Sorry for the late post. Never our intention to get this out late, but sometimes stuff just falls off the plate. Anywho.

Tuesday: road bikes for everyone

Wednesday: road bikes for everyone

Thursday: road bikes for VOS kids, MTB for everyone else

This weekend is another crazy one. First off, I’d like everyone to know that the team presentation on Sunday is absolutely mandatory! 1:00pm-2:30pm. It’s the only event of the year where we get to appreciate the people who give el Grupo boatloads of money and keep us running. Please be in attendance.

Saturday: If you do not see your name on the lists below for the MBAA race or the RAT Time Trial in San Manuel, please respond and tell me what you want to do before Wednesday at 8:00pm. 

– Meet at 4:15am, leave at 4:30am. Back by ~4:00pm
– Bring lunch, bring snacks, etc… We’ll have pb&j’s + ride fuel
– This is who I have as going so far: Sivvy, Sawyer, Maddy, Zeke, Leo Ramos, Caden, Reece, Emilia, etc
RAT Time Trial –
– Meet at 8:00am, leave at 8:30am, van riders back by ~2:00pm

– Valley kids ride back to Tucson from San Manuel. Everyone else gets in the van.

– Bring lunch, snack, etc. We will have race food.
– This is who I have as going so far: Myles, Izaac, Sam, Estevan, Leo Solis, Elliot, Jorah, Axle, Oliver, Quinn, Thorsten, Kaiden, 

Sunday: Meet 7:30am, leave 8:00am, Back by 11:00am.

Road ride for VOS kids.

MTB Endurance ride for everyone else.

Supporter Appreciation: 1:00pm-2:30pm. Mandatory. 

4 Responses to “This week”

  1. Nathaniel

    Not going to be here on Tuesday — it is the last night my aunt will be in town

  2. Thomas

    Hey señores I won’t be there on Saturday, will be there for the team presentation however.