Hey all,

Here is the schedule for the weekend. Please pay attention to who is doing what on Saturday, as there are a lot of moving pieces.


MBAA Racers – 

Meet at 4:15am – Leave at 4:30am – Back by -4:00pm-5:00pm – Bring lunch, bring snacks, etc… We’ll have pb&j’s + ride fuel

Everyone else: No shootout. For anyone. There is a mandatory event on Saturday. We will meet at 7:00am, leave by 7:15am do a short but intense ride (perfect ride to do before a power test– Sunday’s ride) and then finish over by the west side loop for a Beyond Tucson outreach event. I cannot stress this enough: we are a cycling team, we are a race team, but we are also a team that represents the community and inspires youth in it to want to challenge them self on the bicycle! So, if you’re not doing the MBAA, I will see you at 7:00am and then we’ll go over to the event and hang out at an obstacle course and shred with some kids. I’ll buy donuts for everyone after. You’ll be home by 12:00


Sunday – Mt. Lemmon Power Test

Meet 7:30am – Leave 8:00am – Back by 11:00am IF YOU HAVE A POWER METER, MAKE SURE IT IS CHARGED AND YOU HAVE YOUR GARMIN – If not, just bring your phone or computer for strava. Riding from milepost 0 to 5 is a good way of seeing you progression over the year.

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  1. Axel

    Axel had a mechanical and will be a little late today (Thursday.)