Hey all,

There’s a lot of info in this post. If you are racing, this will tell you what category you are in and what time you need to meet at the clubhouse on both Saturday or Sunday.

Saturday Road Race: 

Van #1, meet at 5:30AM, leave 6AM, home ~1:30PM: 

  • Cat 5: Reece, Axel, Kaiden, Estevan, Thomas, Elliot, Leo S., Zeke (8:30AM, 27 mile race)
  • Women 4/5: Eve (8:34AM, 27 mile race)
  • Boys 9-12: Simon (8:34AM, 27 mile race)
  • Boys 13-14: Sawyer, Leo Ramos, Daniel Walker (8:34AM, 27 mile race)
  • Women 3/4: Kaileen (9:21AM, 53 mile race)

Van #2, meet at 7:30AM, leave 8AM, home ~3PM: 

  • Pro 1/2/3: Quinn, Myles, Izaac (10:15AM, 80 mile race)

Saturday non-racing: Grupito is heading out to the 24 hour course. They have room in their vans for you. This is an excellent opportunity to get a few practice laps in and understand the course that little bit better. Meet 7:30, leave 8AM, back around noon.

Sunday UA Crit: 

The crit is on the east end of the UA mall and is extremely spectator friendly. Easy ride from the clubhouse. Please check below to make sure you know what time to be at the clubhouse and what time you’ll be done for the day! Also please note that you will pretty much all be racing 2 races. So make sure you know when they both are, and plan accordingly.

Group 1, 15-18: 6AM meet at clubhouse, 6:15AM leave clubhouse for crit. Stay until done with your second race.

  • Junior Boys 15-18, Race at 7:10AM: Leo S., Zeke, Estevan, Thomas, Thorsten, Caden J.

Group 2, 9-14 + Eve: 8:45AM meet at clubhouse, 9AM leave clubhouse for crit. Stay until done with your second race.

  • Women Cat 4/5, Race at 10:20AM: Eve
  • Boys & Girls 9-12, 13-14, Race at 10:20AM: Reece, Simon, Axel, Leo R., Elliot, Daniel, Emilia
  • Cat 5 Men, Race at 12:40PM: Axel, Zeke, Simon, Reece, Caden J., Thomas, Estevan, Leo R., Thorsten, Elliot, Leo S., Daniel

At this point, after the Cat 5 men crit, everybody mentioned above (except Eve) is done racing for the day. We will bring you back to the clubhouse at ~1:30PM. Or you’re free to go enjoy your Sunday.

Group 3: All of you I expect to show up at the race AT LEAST 1 hour before your start time. I will not be opening the clubhouse for you, so bring your bike home with you on Saturday and I will see you on Sunday! Text/email me if this is a problem.

  • 3/4 Women, Race at 1:20PM: Eve, Kaileen, Izzie
  • 3/4 Men, Race at 2:10PM: Izaac, Oliver, Myles
  • Pro 1/2/3 Women, Race at 3PM: Kaileen, Izzie
  • Pro 1/2/3 Men, Race at 4:10PM: Izaac, Myles, Quinn, Max