Winter block is over, spring racing and adventures are upon us. This week intervals begin.

If you made it to practice for the power test today, excellent work! Your times are at the bottom of this post. If you did not make it, you still get to do one this week. Lucky you 🙂

Lights! Everybody needs lights. Don’t forget em. You know what’s way worse than a power test? A power test on a trainer b/c you forgot your lights. Yeah.

Tuesday– Road bikes, 4:30

Wednesday– Road bikes, 3:45 and 4:30

Thursday– Road bikes for Valley kids, and anybody else who hasn’t done a power test yet. Yeah, we’re keeping track. MTB for all others. 4:30 start.

Weekend updates to come with start times, race departure times, etc. Here’s the gist though:

Saturday– Shootouts, usual Saturday stuff. Update to come.

Sunday (read this)– Avondale Crit #1. Everyone invited. If you want to do this and you have not already emailed Ben, email him BY THIS WEDNESDAY 8PM. Otherwise, you won’t get to come because you won’t be registered. Don’t assume that we assumed you want/don’t want to race. FYI, preliminary times are meet at the clubhouse at 4:30AM, leave 5AM, back at the clubhouse around 7PM. It is a long day. There may be some flexibility based on how many people/vans go. Email Ben!

Power Test, times from 0-MP5

Remember the important thing isn’t how fast you were today- the important thing is being able to compare your time today to how much faster you get over the next couple times we do this, this spring.

Emelia: 52:00

Eve: 36:53

Jorah: 31:24

Sivvy: 34:54

Kiracofe: 28:00

Thorsten: 29:22

Caden: 29:00

Estevan: 29:32

Leo R: 22:35 (from flat just before MP 1)

Leo S: 27:20

Elliot: 24:00

Oliver: 23:48

Izaac: 22:35

Myles: noodled after 20 minutes