Team, hope y’all are stoked on the new kits! Those suckers are earned, and you all have certainly put in the work. Wear them with pride. #checkmate

This week is the 3rd week of our training block. It’s the last week of our training block. It’s the hardest week of our training block. This week’s practices are the time to go all in on your efforts. Prepare yourself by sleeping, eating, recovering. Commit to the efforts and embrace the suffering. You will come out stronger than ever.

Handlebar Bags: If you’ve taken the bike mechanics class, you are now eligible for a handlebar bag. They are unfortunately not free, but discounted to $10/each. Limit 1 per rider. If you would rather just (or in addition) get a patch for your current handlebar bag, just let me know. I have extras.

24HOP Volunteer Sign ups: Remind your parents to sign up for a volunteer spot at the 24 hour race! Or sign up to bring something we need!

4:25PM: I want to be SITTING ON COUCHES at 4:25 – Izaac, Quinn, Axel… I’m talkin to you

Tuesday: Road bikes. LT efforts. 4:30 – 6:30. Volunteer Coaches- extra help would be hugely appreciated for this practice. Even just 1 more person makes a world of difference.

Wednesday: Road bikes. LT efforts. 4:30PM only. Done by 6:30

Thursday: MTB for 24HOP Racers, Road for Valley racers. Endurance ride. 4:30-6:30

Weekend: We have the Oracle Road Race on Saturday and the University of Arizona Criterium on Sunday. There will not be an organized practice either of those two days. If you want to race, please reply to Ben’s email by Wednesday 8PM. Sunday’s crits will be super fun to watch, racing around the UofA mall. More info to come on logistics for these races.


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