Hey Team, tomorrow, Saturday, is the State Crit Champs. There is no Saturday Practice. We are going to race Category only to minimize time spent at the event. We will travel in 2 waves.

Wave 1: Meet at the clubhouse at 12:45PM. Leave at 1:15PM SHARP. Arrive at 1:45PM.

3:15PM, Cat 5 Men, 30 minute race. Estevan, Axel, Elliot, Leo Ramos, Leo Solis, Daniel

3:50PM, Cat 4/5 Women, 30 minute race. Jorah, Sivvy, Emilia

Wave 1 should be back at the clubhouse at about 5PM.

Wave 2: Meet at clubhouse at 3PM. Leave at 3:30PM SHARP. Arrive at 4PM

5PM. Cat 3 Men, 45 minute race. Izaac

5:50PM. Pro/1/2/3 Women, 60 minute race.

6:55PM. Pro/1/2 Men, 70 minute race. Quinn, Max

Wave 2 should be back at the clubhouse at about 8:30PM.

If your name is not on the list, you are not signed up. Contact me if you want to be signed up.