This Thursday’s practice will no longer be a MTB ride, but a presentation by the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation. 
Here is a summary of the presentation from the SAAF website:

LGBTQ 101 Workshop

The LGBTQ 101 will provide introductory level information about identities and provide best practice and competency suggestions for those working in various settings. The presentation will identify the distinctions between sex, gender, and sexuality, recognize ways assumptions can be made based on gender expression, define the identities indicated by “LGBTQ+”, and describe practical cultural awareness tools for being inclusive and respectful.

This practice is optional as it is ultimately each family’s decision if their rider will participate, but I urge everyone to attend as it sets the tone for some of our core values and teaches language and concepts that we hold as standards in interacting with each other. As the organization grows I think it is vitally important that we educate ourselves on subjects that may pertain to yourself or the people you interact with on a daily basis.
Please let me know if you cannot attend.