Final week before 24HOP and VOS. This is the tune up week after the rest last week. All week you’ll be on the bike you’re riding this weekend (so MTB all week for 24 and Road all week for Valley).

If you need to prioritize homework over practice in order to be at your event this weekend, we 100% support you in that decision. Thursday is designed for you to make sure you have all your things in order, that’s why it’s off for 24hoppers. Focus on all the little things this week- eating, sleeping, and staying healthy.

Tuesday: 4:30PM. Endurance/flow ride. Shake out the legs.

Wednesday: 4:30PM only. Openers.

Thursday: VOS only. 24 is OFF. 4:30PM. Openers.

Stay tuned for departure/logistics info for the weekend.

Parents! If you have not yet signed up for a volunteer shift at the 24, please please please check your email and sign up! It takes a (large) village.