Hey grupo, with no races this spring season I’m re watching some of my favorite finishes from over the years. Here’s a few of em:

2018 Milan San Remo

2016 Paris Roubaix (inside the winning team)

2014 World Road Championships

For the dirt jumpers:

The legend, Brandon Semenuk. Iconic video.

And 5 easy stretches you can do from home (especially if you’re doing huge rides!). If you want to borrow a foam roller, let me know!

Lastly, we had that mechanics class, but here’s a video that really breaks down how to adjust your rear derailleur. It’s probably one of the most common things to need to adjust on your bike, and it’s super easy. All of you are capable of doing this. Top comment, “I’d perform open heart surgery if this guy were walking me through it.”