Hey grupo, there’s no organized practice for at least another 2 weeks (through April 10). So here’s the plan on what we’re going to do to stay fit, stay healthy, and stay sane.

If you’ve been riding, that’s great! We strongly encourage you to ride alone… it’s good for building mental strength and for not transmitting coronavirus. Also, ride safe! Now is very much not the time to need medical attention, especially not for a dumb crash.

This workout plan includes 2 rides on trainers/rollers per week. If you would rather ride outside, you can do that. But if you want a trainer or rollers, then get in touch with me to come pick em up. There’s a chance we’ll be fully shut in at some point, so might not be a bad idea to pick up indoor equipment before that happens.

Here’s the plan. There will be 4 blog posts/week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Mondays: We will post to the Blog a HIT workout (off the bike) that can be done 3x during that week (ideally Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). The workout will come with a video of me demonstrating exercises with Ben as comic relief. Since the workouts are just 3x per week, they’ll be full body.

Tuesdays: We will post a one-hour trainer workout, as well as bicycle race content that can be viewed as motivational entertainment during the workout.

Wednesdays: We will post a video of one of the two of us breaking down a skill that we feel is worth practicing so we can all maintain the basics and continue to improve. How to ride a drop, how to fakie, how to slam a gu, how to pick a quarter up off the ground, etc. We will also make an effort to post content in the form of mechanics training, pertinent cycling news, etc.

Thursday: Same as Tuesday

If your bike has mechanical needs, get in touch with me to drop it off at the clubhouse for us to fix it. If you need anything from the clubhouse (clothes, roller, mat, trainer, whatever) get in touch with me to set up a time Monday-Thursday to stop by.

Stay positive! We’re gonna get through this!