Private rides.


Team El Grupo and parents;


I really enjoyed meeting the team via Google Meet last week.  It’s clear that Covid-19 closures are affecting all of us to some degree.  During these unique times, I’ve been regularly riding outside and have noticed that ridership is on the rise with a majority of users wearing masks and exercising safe distancing.


Based on a number of conversations and discussion with Kate, our Executive Director and some of our parents, I would like to open up private one on one rides with team El Grupo riders with said measures in place.   If we all adhere to safety guidelines which are riding with a mask, in groups of two side-by-side with six feet in between (or one in front and one behind), we can do this safely.  I would like to invite each youth rider to a one-on-one practice as long as parents give permission.    Keep in mind, every family has their own concerns based on each family’s situation.  Ride times will start at 8am and 10am.  I have two ride options;




**Here is where to register using Sign Up Genius**


Again we will adhere to all measures to keep safe distancing.  It is completely optional. Please only reserve a spot if you have shown no signs of illness and have not been exposed to potential illness.  The ride goal is simple.  To get outside, and have coach Gord learn more about each individual in our favourite setting.  On the bike!