May has seemingly flown by despite having the pandemic slowing most daily functions.  Team El Grupo  carefully started programming with multiple interval workouts.  These were designed with limited numbers to adhere to cautious distancing protocols.  I’d like to thank all riders, coaches and volunteers for making the month enjoyable despite the challenges.


We will culminate the month with Sunday’s MayDay! Time Trial.  Sign ups are still open and we need more participants!  Here is the sign up Genius for the TT.  Get ‘er done team!


Arizona now is now considered in Phase 1 of re-opening and Team El Grupo will like to commence regular June practices, albeit with continued social distancing strategies.  Ride routes, start times and locations are now posted in a new sign up Genius.  Attendance is no longer limited to a few spots, so make sure you show up to as many practices as possible.  We will mix dirt and road training in the leadup to our next event; the RambleUp Reddington Hill Climb on Father’s Day June 21.  This is a 4 mile ascent up beautiful the switchback dirt road.  A communiqué outlining our Team El Grupo group ride policy will be sent soon.


June sign up for both athletes and volunteer coaches here;


Here is the RambleUp Reddington course;


Here is the training plan for the rest of non practice days.


June programming;



Mon June 1- 1.5 hours easy

Tues June 2- 2.5hours endurance mtb – (Starr Pass)

Wed June 3- Shortrack practice-  (36th street)

Thur June 4- 2 hours with 5×3 minute zone 5 (Trail’s End)

Fri June 5- Rest

Sat June 6- 3 hours endurance road ride.  (Gates/McCain Loop/Coyote Pass)

Sun June 7-4 hours road endurance

Mon June 8- 1 hour easy

Tue June 9- 2.5 endurance mtb- (Sweetwater)

Wed June 10- Shortrack practice (36th street)

Thur June 11-2 hours with 5×4 minute zone 5 (Trail’s End)

Fri June 12- Rest

Sat June 13- 3.5 hours endurance gravel (Gates/Hohokam/GoldenGate)

Sun June 14-2.5 hours 2x TT course recon (20 minutes rest between reps)

Mon June 15-Rest

Tues June 16-4 hours endurance road (Big Square)

Wed June 17- Shortrack practice (36th street)

Thu June 18- Rest

Fri June 19-2 hours with 3x one minute openers

Sat June 20-1 hour easy




I really look forward to riding with all of you and advancing the program forward with these early morning regular practices.