MayDay TT sign up now open!


The coaches and I have really enjoyed the interval practice sessions so far.  Riders are keen to work hard and to see their teammates, even through our masks!  I know the sessions are all booked up online, but there’s always a last second cancellation or two.  If you’re interested in coming out, please do so.  We have plenty of space.


Here are the remaining practice interval sessions;


The MayDay TT is approaching.  This is a fun event to give you another opportunity to practice a race day scenario.  I know there’s a wide range of fitness levels right now.  That is OK!  The goal is not necessarily to win or set new power numbers, but to have fun, see your teammates and get that time trial practice.  Here is the sign up.  Notice we also have volunteer sign ups as well for parents or coaches out there!  If there are non team members who’d like to do the tt, there’s a few spots for you too.  First come first served.  Choose your own start time too!  We will start at 7am from Robins K-8 school.  Here is the course;


Here is the Time Trial and volunteer sign up!


Look forward to seeing everyone out there!