June is here and with it our new cautious push to resume responsible group training.  Sign ups for practices are going well and we’d like for them to continue so we have a preview on how to proceed with smaller groupings.  Here are the overview and sign ups for June;




Arizona is in Phase 1 of re-opening and we must continue to be vigilant and ask that we keep that distancing and mask wearing, especially as we re-group at trailheads and meet place.  Here is El Grupo’s guidelines and request that you’re all familiar with our expectations for all athletes, coaches, volunteers, and parents.




Our MayDay! TT was a great success.  The course was tough and needed careful tactics to negotiate its features.  We certainly will entertain another run at this course later this fall, perhaps when everyone has their super ‘NICA’ form!!  Here’s the results if you missed them.


MayDay!  TT Results



Sam Averill –              21:56

Jim Averill-                20:54

Ken Clark-                 22:46

Joel Biederman-         18:01

Axel Biederman-        17:06

Damiano de Rosales- 18:36

Izaac Adams-             17:25

Elliot Semonsky-       17:35

Simon Clark-             22:01

Sawyer Campion-      21:10

Reece Culliney-         19:12

Harper Culliney-        27:58

Taryn Ringler-           26:51

Steve Bohn-               24:41

Kaileen Williams-      20:40

Jeff Christiansen-       19:21



I’m looking forward to a little dirt action tomorrow!!