I hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day Weekend.  We held a fun event up Redington Pass.  Along with the Trail’s End TT, we can re-visit this course later in the year in a different phase of fitness/training.  Here are the results;


Oliver 29:35

Sam    30:57

Jeff     30:58

Kaiden 34:20

Thorsten 36:07

Sawyer 37:12

Simon   37:35

James    37:35

Ken       38:42

Chris     39:55

Taryn    39:55

Steve    39:59


Thank you to all team El Grupo riders for their hard work and welcoming attitudes to me as I’m learning the team culture and how to mountain bike again.  Attendance is increasing at practices which is fantastic, however again it must be said that with covid related cases back on the rise in Arizona, that we remain vigilant with our mask/distancing protocols.  Mask up continues for inside clubhouse, and re-groupings on trails and roads.


As we look forward to a possible NICA season, we plan on re-setting and addressing fundamentals.  We will start a progression with September in mind, and also getting our newcomers a chance to adapt to the exciting challenge of stepping up to Team El Grupo.


Also to note are some fun cross training nights.  I’m looking forward to these as I’ve heard great things about these sessions.  Please ensure for these practices that you bring sneakers, a towel, water bottle and a supplemental gallon jug of water.


Lastly, nearing the end of July we will host a couple of ‘bucket list’ level rides of Box Canyon (thanks for the suggestion Elliot) and Mount Lemmon.


Here is the latest sign up Genius for practices for riders and volunteers;