Tucson is surely testing our capacity to endure summer’s heat and we’ve done a great job continuing practices on mtb, road, and in the shade of a very generous eucalyptus tree for our cross training at the Oury St. park.  Coach Ignacio has created a very effective resistance training circuit that is both challenging and fun.  It’s great to get off the bike and search for better balance, both mind and body.  We will continue these sessions next week.  Remember to try and bring a towel, and a water bottle.  We provide plenty of water, both to drink and to douse hair and clothing to keep us cool.   If you haven’t attended this session yet, I encourage you to come.  It’s tremendously rewarding.


We are briefed every few weeks by the NICA organizers and they’re still holding out hope that some kind of season will commence in the fall.   They are exploring ways to create a safe event that falls under state distancing guidelines.  We will certainly keep you apprised if any major announcements occur.


Maybe I’ve expressed this before, but I’m continually amazed by the team’s talent, passion and maturity.  I’m surely learning from the team as we navigate these difficult times and awaken to rising social issues.


I had many cycling heroes as I found my passion for the sport.  One of the Tour de France greats was Robert Millar.  After making the World Tour peloton, I could finally rub shoulders with riders that were once just images on the pages of magazines or on our old 20” television screen.  I realized that they were human, just like me.   Robert was in my eye a scrappy warrior with rare climbing ability, enough to earn the famed polka dot jersey.   What I learned after Robert’s career ended was even more compelling and inspiring.




This coming week’s practice schedule has changed slightly and emulates this past week.  We will continue with cross training on Tuesday and Thursday and both Ignacio and I encourage better attendance here.  Mountain bike ride on Wednesday and road ride on Saturday.  Sign Up Genius as follows;




Have a great rest of weekend!