I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July weekend.  We will slowly open up practices again but with even more emphasis on distancing and safety then we’ve previously adhered to.


That said, on Tuesday we will restart cross training at Oury St. park, but we will divide the groups into two age groups.  Group 1 at 4pm will be riders of middle school and entering freshman high school years.  Group 2 at 5pm will be sophomore and older.  We will meet directly at the park.  Make sure you bring a towel, sneakers, water bottle, extra gallon of water if possible and those killer attitudes you showed the first session.  Thanks to Ignacio for spearheading these practices both on Tuesday and Thursday.  If one session is easier to attend then the other time slot, just let us know and we can accommodate.


Wednesday we’ll meet at the clubhouse and leave at 6am for some shortrack at 36th street trails.  We will limit the indoor time as much as possible so get in, get your bike ready and wait as soon as possible outside for the ride to start.


Here are the revised Sign ups for this week; scroll down for July 6-11.