It’s hard to believe August is already here.  Hopefully we will see more monsoon rains and someday soon a return to school.  Whether you’re in classroom or taking courses remotely, getting back into studies remains a top priority and thus our midweek practices will return to late afternoon at 4:30pm.


There are many light sets unaccounted for at the office, so if you have your set at home please bring them in so we can take inventory and get them charged up.  The days are getting shorter and our return from evening practices will surely start to necessitate the use of lights.


This coming week is a rest week, however NICA is fast approaching and we are in our final build towards this goal.   Look for more specific and intense workouts in August.


We’ve had a few newcomers to the team in recent weeks and it’s been wonderful to see how welcomed they are as they integrate into Team El Grupo.


It’s also great to see World Tour Road cycling resuming with the very difficult Strade Bianche.  Here are the highlights;


Here is the next few weeks of practices;