Change is good.  It’s an old adage that can blanket many aspects of life. We’re seemingly in a world of perpetual change.  Perhaps the only certainty is the notion that further future change is inevitable.  It can be nerve wracking and stressful but adapting to change is often very rewarding and fulfilling.


It certainly applies to fitness, training, and cycling.  A recent example was our aborted Thursday mountain bike ride due to lightning and hazardous weather.  We made the most of the situation by staying indoors and breaking out all the clubhouse’s rollers.  Many of the team had never used rollers and it was awesome to see everyone support each attempt and succeed in balancing on them.


Our training has changed focus too.  By doing so we are forcing positive reactions in the body.   A well deserved rest is approaching next week as we look forward to the first NICA series race.  Not everyone has chosen to compete in these races but we appreciate everyone’s support to those that are.


It looks like there could be some welcome change in weather and temperatures out there.  Coach Ignacio and I have appreciated everyone’s efforts to come to practice well hydrated and ready to go.  We still need to keep vigilant on our fluid intake as cooler 90 degree weather can still drain us.


Covid 19 has certainly made adapting to change compulsory.   The NICA series has had to change to a time trial format understandably and we support this organization in what surely has been a very difficult and situation for them.  Hopefully next year will return to normal NICA racing with groups competing and camping together.


It’s hard to believe that the Tour de France is back on!  Already there has been dramatic racing and worthy winners.  To see them mask-clad on the podium certainly is a change in decorum.  The teams are doing their best just as we are here in Tucson.  Vive le Tour and El Grupo!

Practice schedule remains;