Afternoon practices have meant soaring temperatures that the team has navigated quite well.  We pre-soak riders before heading out from the clubhouse and have taken precautions to provide extra water once we are out riding.  We’ve talked a lot about pre-hydration and a reminder to try to drink 4 liters of water per day.  Coach Ignacio has used the sponge analogy and it really does work and make sense.  We leave for rides promptly, so another reminder to team members to continue to allow the necessary lead time to tweak their bikes accordingly.


The team has come through two weeks of VO2max or ‘attic’ work quite strongly.  Sometimes it’s difficult to see the progression from the roadside.  It was however, evident that progression was made after our Grupo rides this past Saturday.


For the next two weeks we will slide back the intensity slightly to undertake some LT work.  I liken this to working just below or right at your ceiling of fitness.  The goal is to raise the ceiling so that trips into the attic are less frequent.  The practices have been tough and will continue to challenge.  It’s ok to be nervous but the coaches are here to help encourage you through it.  The rewards will be telling.


Ignacio and I would like to give thanks to all the volunteer coaches that provide invaluable assistance.  We can’t run effective practices without you!  Also special thanks to senior riders like Ben and Kaileen for encouraging and mentoring their younger team members.


Here’s the practice schedule for the next few weeks;