Last week we dove into our initial round of VO2max work.  Working in the ‘attic’ of our house of fitness is always tough, especially under first exposure but all the kids responded to the challenge really well.   We will continue to load this intensity level to get the best benefits.


I appreciate the improvement in showing up early and ready to go, especially if you know of mechanical needs to your bike and the extra time it requires.


It’s been a hot summer.  We have been hosing down our clothing prior to riding the afternoon practices and ensuring ample water while on the road or trails.  Make sure you have those two full bottles and correct tube and inflation capability in case of punctures.


NICA sign ups have been encouraging and custom name plate deadline is Wednesday.  If you haven’t used PitZone to sign up, please do so but refrain from completing the payment section as the Team will blanket the fees.


Here’s the week ahead for practices.