It’s nice to feel some cooler morning temps, albeit with smoke induced skies.  Our Fall season is filling up with some awesome programming.


First up this coming weekend is Sunday’s traditional Mount Graham Hill Climb Time Trial.  We have 2 riders signed up currently.  We will take care of your entry fee if you can confirm your interest before Tuesday night.  Let me know if you want to attend. Information is here.


We will be holding Team El Grupo tryouts from Oct 2-4.  We hope we get many new interested riders; young men, women and femme participation all wanted.


October will also entertain our rescheduled and beloved Summer Bike Camp.  Fall Bike Camp (October 12-16) will offer young riders a chance to ride, learn new skills and most of all have fun! Not only will our heralded coaches partake but also our Team El Grupo members themselves will be on hand to coach the youngsters!  This is a very rewarding experience for participant, staff and Team El Grupo members alike.


Lastly but certainly not least is our remote Fall Fondo on October 18.  Many events have had to be canceled during these unique times, and we look forward to seeing as many supporters as possible for our altered but equally fun event.


Here’s our latest practice schedule;