I’m looking forward to another wonderful week of riding bikes.   Once again, there are plenty of events upcoming;  Mt Graham Hill Climb, Team El Grupo tryouts, Fall Bike Camp and the Fall Fondo.  Other events happening around the state and close by that could be of interest include the https://thecactuscup.com/  or the https://www.bearjawevents.com/


Practices remain listed here for both riders and volunteers;




Lastly, I’d like to thank Nathaniel for his service on the El Grupo board of Directors.  Attached below is a fantastic opportunity for one of our team to gain an incredible experience to see what important work goes on behind the scenes of this amazing organization.




Hello everyone! This is Nathaniel.


As you all probably know, El Grupo is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Because of this, we are required to have a Board of Directors. This board provides invaluable insight and direction when it comes to leading the future of the team. At the current moment, there are about 10-ish board members, each of them providing different perspectives on matters of the team. Some members help with the finances, others with special events, but there is another role played by a current rider on the team. This role is the Youth Representative, which I have had the honor to fulfill these past two ish years.


The Youth Rep is responsible for connecting with every rider on the team, and giving feedback to the board as to how the riders feel about different changes. You have to be committed to the team and have good outstanding relationships with all of the riders on the team. You need to be able to communicate with fellow riders, and because of this, you ideally should have at least one year of experience with the team, and regularly attend practices. Additionally, there are responsibilities associated with this role, such as attending most monthly meetings.


I have loved my time on the board. It has been an amazing learning and developmental experience for me. Please reach out to me at 520-425-0256 if you have any questions. I look forward to connecting with the next youth rep.

Many thanks,

Nathaniel Cross