I want to thank everyone first for your understanding and patience last week.


Thank you for your flexibility with the current situation. We are certainly trying our best to provide safe and healthy programming and your support makes it so much easier to make the tough calls.


Expectations for Riders moving forward during this time of year:


LIGHTS– They are mandatory now. NO LIGHTS = NO RIDE. This is just pure safety. We have to be visible participants on the road way. If drivers can’t see us then we are putting ourselves in extreme danger. If you are new to the team, please ask Coach Gord for lights, if not, then please pack and plan accordingly. This will be the case for afternoon practices until late March. There are no exceptions. We spoke about this the last two weeks we had practice, so this should not come as any surprise, as long as you were listening.


Cold Weather Dressing– We want to keep you all healthy. We do not want to play the game where you tell us you are not cold, when it is 50 degrees outside. Please come with proper clothing for the weather.  Do not attempt to leave with just a jersey or t shirt on today. It is cold. We will not let you ride if you do not have proper clothing on. Again if you are new to the team please ask Coach Ignacio to help you get proper clothing for the winter.