I imagine that I feel like the rest of you right now in that I sure am missing being around the clubhouse and all the wonderful energy, but yet totally understand that the right decisions were made.


These are crazy times, and like I used to say, Life is like a river, we have to just flow with it. Being a salmon is super hard, and then you have bears to worry about. We certainly appreciate everyones understanding and patience with all of this, as it is the only reaction we can have.


I did want to share with you all though my perspective of the riders who went out to enjoy and tackle the Mt, Graham hill climb. I think it is important that we support our teammates who are going out and taking on challenges that excite them, and hopefully its inspiring to all of you and a bit of fun motivation to come back next week.


We certainly  support and respect those of you who are enjoying other challenges that are not race relate, but I do want to tell you of your amazing teammates.  I had the pleasure of working with each rider at the event, and after we rode together just about to the top to enjoy the beautiful mountain and to enjoy the rest of the day.

Alex truly listened to Max Cronyn. He went out hard until he had to puke, then pulled it back and held it there. Then immediately upon crossing the finishing line and stopping , puked all over the place. A great and proud effort.
Estevan showed amazing courage and really went after the mountain. About half way up he blew up but it was because he had such courage to get after it. Courage takes emotional strength, Bravo young man.
Taryn site unseen showed up to the hardest race in Southern Arizona. Not only that she had to emotionally navigate showing up later than she wanted to. Bravo young lady for having the strength and self belief  and for giving it a huge go.
Axel charged and raced with a goal in mind. To have a goal is to believe enough in yourself to truly challenge yourself. When you have a goal you are also setting yourself up to maybe not reach it and thus find disappointment. However we know better. To set a goal and to honor it and the path, you have already won because you have chosen to believe in yourself.
Daniel Walker crossed the finish line with a head held high and proud shoulders. It was the proudest I have seen him cross a finish line in the years I have coached him. Bravo Daniel for finding peace with yourself and the beauty inside of you. Thank you for honoring yourself in that way.
Myles Walker also raced and with the maturity of a senior rider. He wanted the challenge, the experience, and opportunity to just go out and hammer. He did not worry about any result other than doing his best and just attacking the challenge. With no result or championship in mind all Myles wanted to do was his best. Realizing that this is all that matters is real maturity and we all hope to learn from this.
Sam Averill. Composure is not something often granted to young folk. However Sam went after the mountain with grace and will. Yet halfway up the mountain he dropped his chain. Having this sort of thing happen can really derail most people emotionally during a super hard physical effort. Not Sam. He had the composure to get off his bike, put the chain on, and then continue to be his best. Many of us work on composure for our whole lives, and yet Sam at his age is already able to control his emotions. I applaud you.
Damiano had a goal. He wanted to beat an 8 year old record. He believed he could do it and knew the time before starting. He too put himself out there to potentially not meet expectations. Emotional commitment to believe in yourself is a scary place, but it is where we learn the most about ourselves.
I wanted to bring these up because at a practice coach Gord brought the idea forward that in every challenge there is a story. Coach Gord relayed his experience and story with the team, and so I wanted to give a bit of story for all the other riders.
Be well everyone, stay healthy, and I sure hope to see you all soon, when the time is right of course.