Last week we talked about perseverance and goal setting. Ignacio, Allison and I are greatly looking forward to hearing what goals you have planned for 2021.   Goals can differ greatly among all of us.  It could range from something like dedication to school, attending practices more regularly, taking some strava segments or as minute as increasing your threshold power by 10 watts.  The important thing is to have some goals to aspire to so we can test our perseverance.


Here’s a practice schedule this week.   A reminder that tomorrow we will listen to goals in our pre ride hippie circle.  After the goals talk, we will try on the sample kits from Voler and get updated sizes for everyone for the next clothing order.


Next week is holiday week and aligns well with our next rest week.  We will only hold practice on Tuesday the 24th, with no practice on that Wednesday or Thursday.


Since there will be no GABA swap meet this year, El Grupo has decided to host our own swap meet on December 13th.   We will open up the clubhouse grounds to vendors upon a small donation to El Grupo.  There’s only limited space for up to 25 vendors so please reserve your tent space ASAP if you have or know anyone or shop that needs to unload unwanted cycling items.


See you tomorrow Team!