I trust that everyone is enjoying the holiday season.  We will continue with morning programming this week and have some different options available so check with the signup Genius for the new schedule at the bottom of this post.

Firstly, another reminder that the weather is wide varying in winter so being prepared with adequate cold weather gear is crucial.   Please ensure that you have at least a vest to battle the cold winds.

On the equipment side, we will no longer allow road pedals on team mountain bikes.  We have lots of mountain bike pedals, cleats etc so make sure that there are no swapping over from road to mountain bike in the future.

We love to see everyone and when we have great attendance at practice we learn to be a team. Being part of a team means that we get to take care of each other emotionally and spiritually. When we commit to being a part of a team and coming to work together we learn how to commit to each other and a process. We learn to grow with each other and how to work through trials and triumphs. For the new year, I as coach would love to have a fully committed team that does their very best to come to practice as often as possible ready to work hard and enjoy the growth process.

Also a call out to who might want to do the first MTB race in McDowell. Coach Ignacio is heading up and camping on Saturday for Sunday’s race and have 2 seats if anyone wants to join. That would be for the 13-14 age group and younger.  Older team members race Saturday.  Information is here:


Practice schedule is posted;