Happy New Year everyone!  Like my household, most of you are back at school so this week’s practice schedule is lighter to allow all of you to get back in the swing of scholastic endeavours.  I’m hoping this new year will bring with it new challenges and we hope that you incorporate as much practice time with your teammates as possible.

Coach Allison returns this week after the holidays and is looking forward to seeing everyone.  She’ll lead Cara’s ride this Saturday that of course is open to everyone wanting a alternative from the Shootout ride.  It could be an endurance ride, but also could be a recovery or skills day; whatever riders need most.

We also hope that new teammates will join us at Team El Grupo, as the next round of tryouts are this month from January 15-17.  We are excited to combine both BikePacking and Team programs into this session.  If you have a friend or know anyone that would be interested please encourage them to attend.   Contact me at gord@elgrupocycling.org if interested.

Afternoon practice times resume this week, starting Wednesday but the clubhouse will be open for shop hours from 4-7pm Monday and Tuesday for bike maintenance work etc.   The sign up for both riders and volunteers remain here;