Firstly, looking at the forecast for tomorrow looks pretty certain for inclement weather so we won’t have practice for Tuesday Jan 26th.  We will resume on Wednesday with an endurance road ride.  Check the practice schedule linked at the bottom of this post.

Mountain bike racing resumed this past weekend up in Phoenix at the Estrella Park.  Good to see a couple new team members participate.  Ignacio will give a rundown on the results and more information on the upcoming race at White Tanks slated for February 6th.

Another event that will go ahead is the FlapJack time trial at Picacho Peak on Sunday, February 7th.   Both Sean and I will be attending resplendent in various eras of vintage time trial gear. You can find event flier information here;

Those competing at FlapJack will hustle back to the clubhouse as we will be unveiling our new Voler kit to the public on the 7th at 1pm.  We will need all team members to attend this very popular event.   Ignacio and Voler have come up with surely one of the best jersey designs I’ve seen for the organization and it will be with great pride to invite everyone to see first hand how we’ll look for 2021.  Don’t miss it!  More info to follow…

This week we will be welcoming 8 new team members to practice and we can’t wait to get started.  From tryouts last week, we will also have 4 heading to our other senior program BikePacking which will recommence on the 1st.   Welcome on board all new riders and families.

Lastly, it’s a great initiative from USACycling to encourage junior age riders with free license fees.  I’d encourage all families to sign their child up to get a racing license.  If you already have a license from last year and need your number to renew it, please feel free to email me for that number.  Simply click the link to join an ‘adult’ and once the junior age is submitted then the fee will disappear.  Here’s the link for USACycling;

Here’s the practice schedule for the next 2 weeks;