We had great participation in our latest Team and BikePacking tryouts this past weekend with 14 motivated athletes attending.  There’s always a wide range of experience and ability levels but with all coaches on deck, we managed things very well.  Friday night was our meet and greet along with PowerPoint overview of both programs.

Many athletes had never ridden a road bike so we spent a good portion of Saturday demonstrating the mechanics like braking and shifting.  After matching athletes with suitable bikes from our bike library (thanks again all donors for their continued generosity) we took them to a nearby grassy park for extensive bike handling drills.

Sunday we applied all lessons together and enjoyed a 15 mile group ride.   We communicated very well and enjoyed riding safely until our favourite climb where we took the governor off and let them hammer to the top.

Very pleased to hear that perhaps there’s about an even split in interest in the BikePacking and Team programs.

The coaching staff will be reaching out to families as early as tomorrow to go over what next steps need to be taken.  Again we want to thank all who showed up and pushed their limitations!

For existing team members, note that this weekend is the next MBAA race at Estrella Park up in Phoenix.  Team members look to take on the challenging course which draws favourable comparisons to our ‘homecourt’ trails at Starr Pass.  Ignacio will be captaining this project so please contact him for more details.

For those not traveling to race, we still are leading various rides this Saturday.  Coaches will cover the popular Cara’s ride, Old Man Shootout and the Big Boy Shootout.  Attendance has been waning Saturday a bit so we’d like to encourage everyone to try and come out.  It’s rewarding to have such a great ride over with before noon and you can spend the rest of the day with family.    Here are this week’s practices;