Practices last week were some of the best attended yet!  It’s amazing the energy and support each member brings; especially to the numerous new recruits that have just started with us.  Here is our practice schedule for this week;


Bike Club coordinator Colter Thomas is thrilled to announce that the Manzo Bike Club is ready to roll into 2021. Participation interest is high with an initial sign up of 8 kids.   It’s with pride that Team El Grupo members play a vital role in this incredibly important program.  It’s our chance to give back to a community that does so much for us.   It’s part of our curriculum for each team member to volunteer a minimum of three times this semester.  We’d prefer for the more experienced team members to sign up for more recent slots, as to give our new team members time to gain experience.

So what does this entail?  You’ll be teaching bike skills to very young, impressionable and motivated kids.   By giving back and applying lessons you learned here with the team makes the journey of El Grupo come full circle.  It will stress the role of responsibility and help develop skills that come in handy later in life.

Bike Club practices are non-conflicting with Team El Grupo practices and are throughout the spring on Mondays and Fridays.  All Bike Club days are on mountain bike and regular comfy civilian clothes are appropriate.  Practices all start at Menlo Park (325 N Grande Ave.) and run from 4-6pm.  Please be 15 minutes early.

Any questions contact Colter at;

Here is the sign up Genius for Bike Club Volunteers.